Meet the Author

My name is Keith Sheeley, and I am the Editor-in-chief, and founder of The Capitol Hill Bulletin.

Originally created and used as a blog for my own personal editorial musings, this website became something I never could have imagined it to be.

When writing about anything (specifically politics), one should question if what has been written makes the reader more informed. After tense deliberation, I concluded that my opinions, however educated and fact-based may they be, are not helpful to you, the reader, in creating the most well-educated electorate possible.

This instead became a force for truth, keeping in check those with legislative power in our nation’s capital. While, yes, we will still publish special commentaries, and will feature an Opinion column, we will not mistake what we believe for what is real.

The Capitol Hill Bulletin will be published every Friday, online and in print, and will recap the biggest political stories of the last seven days.

The hard copy of the newspaper will be available for $5 purchase. Our online publication will feature most, but not all, stories published that week.

Journalism has always been my passion, and hopefully, we make you proud, and more informed.

Thank you so much for your time, your effort, and your yearning for truth, liberty and justice. Never stop searching. The facts are out there.


Keith C. Sheeley Jr.